Community Value Assessments
(Making you look like the hero you are)

We’ve all been to events that impact us to our core. Sports events and tourism is about more than room nights. Its about bringing the community together, creating a common bond, putting your destination on the map. We work to measure and expand your organization’s value proposition to your unique community stakeholders.

Pain Point Solutions
(Getting you unstuck)

Do you believe that greater things are possible? So do we. Often half the battle is just getting started. We’ll help you identify what’s holding your organization back from tackling those big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGs), put you on a clear path forward. Then, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.


(Nerding out to give your ideas life)

Have phrases starting with “If only I knew…” or “I wonder why…” crossed your mind regularly? Ours too (it’s kind of an occupational hazard!). We’ll learn about your objectives and tackle the intimidating research stuff no one likes. Then equip your organization with knowledge and insights to answer your ambitious questions and drive your organization forward.


(Serving as your sidekick to success)

Every Batman needs a Robin. Every Jordan needs a Pippen. Whether it’s growth or M&A, we’ll work as an extension of your team to help cultivate and achieve short and long-term business strategy to reach your objectives.

Pep Talks

Dr. Stoll is passionate about sharing her experiences, lessons learned, and wisdom through motivational speaking, otherwise called pep talks in our industry’s parlence. Her focus is often centered around sports and events tourism, event management in rural areas, navigating local politics successfully, and industry leadership and innovation. She has had the pleasure of presenting at Sports ETA Annual Symposium, Women’s Summit, 4S Summit, young professional groups, state association groups, Sports Travel Podcast, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, Sportology Conference, and the Grand Valley Leadership Academy.

Request Dr. Stoll as a speaker at your upcoming event or symposium.

Case Studies

Sports ETA State of the Industry Report

The professional association for the sports events and tourism industry, Sports ETA, undertook an initiative to completely revamp their annual state of the industry report, which had been on hiatus since 2017. Seeing an opportunity to provide needed scope and context to industry practitioners as a means of knowledge sharing and advocacy, Dr. Jennifer Stoll set out to rethink and revitalize the previous report framework. She was the architect of what would become the most comprehensive report on the sports events and tourism industry ever produced, at a time (going into the pandemic) when the industry needed it most.

Dr. Stoll led the concept of the report, and the partnership with the primary research agency, the well-respected Tourism Economics. The overall economic impact, associated spending figures, and tax revenue implications conveyed in the report represented the industry’s first look at such metrics. Despite the significant impact of the pandemic on the sports events and tourism industry, the 2019 State of the Industry report’s utility continues as it serves as a high-water mark through which the industry can now benchmark recovery efforts, and was received with enthusiastic support.

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Play Tennessee Sports Logo

Play Tennessee Sports Situational Analysis & Performance Reporting

Play TN Sports is a 19-member co-operative of destinations and venues across the State of Tennessee that have an active role in the State’s sports events and tourism efforts. Stoll Strategies is leading the partners in a comprehensive data collection and reporting process to capture measurable returns and expand the Play TN Sports value proposition to key stakeholders at the state and local levels.

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Discover Puerto Rico Consumer Perception Project

Dr. Stoll was part of a team hired by Discover Puerto Rico to assist in the formulation of a sports tourism strategy post-Hurricane Maria. Discover Puerto Rico sought in-depth primary market assessment research that was developed and led by Dr. Stoll. This research project presented a unique set of circumstances due to the nuances of the island – such as governmental structure and strong political undertones.

The results determined consumer perception, barriers to growth, strategic solutions, and new market opportunities informing the broad sports tourism and facility development strategy for the entire 3,500 square mile island. Since the completion of this project in early 2019, Discover Puerto Rico has leveraged its strategic position in the sports tourism landscape and become a strong contender in the destination competitive market.

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Great Grand Junction Sports Commission

Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission Launch and Funding

Launched the Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission – The only known sports commission born out of a university – in 2013 and served as the organization’s first executive director for five years. Cultivated buy-in from multiple governmental and non-governmental entities. Leveraged community support to successfully lead a lodging tax increase campaign in 2018 resulting in sustainable funding for the sports commission.

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Sports ETA

Jennifer has been instrumental in elevating the knowledge and resources available across the sports events and tourism industry as a whole through her work with Sports ETA. She is an integral part of our team’s strategy development and implementation, and continues to raise our organization’s profile through her innovative thinking and savvy business-mindedness.

Discover PR

Jennifer did an outstanding job of not only identifying barriers of entry within our sporting events and tourism efforts but also in guiding us in overcoming them with an achievable path forward. Her work was a key part of Discover Puerto Rico’s comprehensive sports tourism strategy and resulted in measurable success reaching our objectives and positioning Puerto Rico as a premier destination for sporting events.

Great Grand Junction Sports Commission

Jennifer was a tremendous help in supporting the Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission board in hiring the organization’s next leader. Her wealth of knowledge on industry trends, extensive professional network, and insight about the competitive positioning of our community allowed us to successfully secure a candidate who not only fits the culture of our community, but who is well-positioned to capitalize on the Commission’s role as an key economic driver in our community.