Report overview

The Stoll Report on State-Level Event Funding was designed with you in mind. This debut report serves to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about the rapidly evolving landscape of state-level event procurement funds while simultaneously serving as an advocacy tool for your organization.
We gathered all the current and relevant information on this topic and put it all in one place, with easy-to-understand insights and expert analysis. The report covers such information as types of event funds, recent fund activity, parameters, types of events for which funds are used, measuring ROI, and much more. It also serves as a benchmark through which future report editions and updates will be measured.
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Sports ETA
The Stoll Report is made possible through partnership with Sports ETA.


Historical Context

The sports events and tourism industry has a rich history. That history has led to dramatic uptick in state-level event funding sources and we’ll explain why.

Key Findings

There is no shortage of information in this report! But we’ve made it easy for you by distilling it all down to key findings giving you a leg-up on your knowledge and understanding.

State Snapshots

Curious about a specific state’s fund or want to keep up with your competitive set? Wouldn’t it be nice if that information was all in one place? We thought so, too.

Recent Activity

Miss a day, miss a lot! We’ve broken down all of the most recent state-level event fund activity and continue to actively track what’s taking place around the country.

Perfect Parameters

Deciding what funds should and should not be used for is vital. We’ve got a pulse on fund parameters and how they impact your event recruitment and competitive position.

Measuring ROI

It’s one thing to have a state-level event fund. But knowing if it’s achieving its intended outcome is another. We’ll walk you through how to evaluate your fund’s ROI.


At Stoll Strategies, our mission is to support, guide, and create practical solutions catered to our partners across the world through the convergence of custom-tailored research, real-world experience, and the power of thinking big.
The Stoll Report on State-Level Funding is the first of many upcoming reports designed to resource the sports events and tourism industry by providing data and insights that drive intelligent business decisions.
We’ll always keep our focus on key topics in the industry and will work tirelessly to bring you leading-edge information in easy to understand formats. Stay tuned…we’re just getting started!


Stoll Strategies conducts event fund evaluation, consulting, presentations to community and state leaders and stakeholders, competitive analyses, state-level event fund program strategy, event procurement assistance, market optimization analyses, feasibility reports and more. Our work is always completed with the highest level of integrity, confidentiality, research methodology, and deliverables.

Community Value Assessments
(Making you look like the hero you are)

We’ve all been to events that impact us to our core. Sports events and tourism is about more than room nights. Its about bringing the community together, creating a common bond, putting your destination on the map. We work to measure and expand your organization’s value proposition to your unique community stakeholders.

Pain Point Solutions
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Do you believe that greater things are possible? So do we. Often half the battle is just getting started. We’ll help you identify what’s holding your organization back from tackling those big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGs), put you on a clear path forward. Then, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.


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Have phrases starting with “If only I knew…” or “I wonder why…” crossed your mind regularly? Ours too (it’s kind of an occupational hazard!). We’ll learn about your objectives and tackle the intimidating research stuff no one likes. Then equip your organization with knowledge and insights to answer your ambitious questions and drive your organization forward.


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