View from the “Post-Event Haze”

Start/Finish View from the Road Race The first weekend in May, our community hosted approximately 350 of the nation’s best collegiate road cyclists for the 2018 USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships presented by our friends at US Bank. The event consisted of three days of racing in three separate communities in and around Grand […]

Responsibility in Providing Sport

I had a great week at the National Association of Sports Commission’s annual Symposium. The event was my fifth, and my favorite. I always relish the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones; and, Minneapolis was an exceptional host city. A number of relevant topics were discussed at this year’s symposium, […]

Just Kick the Can

Just. Kick. The. Can. These simple, four words have become my mantra over my time at the sports commission, and even more so as of lately. Coursework and comprehensive exams are now in my rear view mirror. This marks a time when many people stall out. One source says more than 56% of doctoral students […]

Lessons from the NASC’s Women’s Summit

Surely it hasn’t been almost a month since my last blog post? I’ll dust off and get back on track as there is so much happening in the world of sports right now. Spring in the Grand Valley. Courtesy Visit Grand Junction I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Sports Commission’s inaugural […]

What’s that floating around in your mind?

Have you ever heard that old maxim “What you think upon grows”? Is that really true? In that case, I’m surprised my pile of homework isn’t busting out of my house. What I picture when my homework grows It’s long been noted that many successful athletes at the top of their game use visualization tactics […]

Saying Farewell (to the mandatory posts)

View out my window right now If I’m being honest, I will admit that I have thought about blogging for quite some time. I had flirted with the concept of putting some of my thoughts and ideas out there for the world to see. The thought of doing so put a fear in me that […]

Time to Celebrate Our Community

I had the honor of serving as a guest blogger for Healthy Mesa County this week, in conjunction with a fun event that organization, and my organization (the Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission) are hosting tomorrow, Sept. 27. It is the inaugural Healthy Mesa County Corporate Scurry, geared toward celebrating our community, quality of life, […]

Crowdsourcing: My Suspicions Are Raised

You’ve heard the phrase “two heads are better than one”…The idea that collaboration and multiple individuals participating in a process can lead to greater results. The essence of collective intelligence as described by Aitamurto, Leiponen, and Tee (2011). This is the foundation of the crowdsourcing revolution. Crowdsourcing sure sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Sesame Street’s Two Headed […]

Say “Blog” 10 Times Over and Tell Me It’s Not a Funny Word

Don’t worry, I did it too. And I think you’ll agree, it is a funny word indeed. I’m probably showing evidence of living under a rock, but I didn’t even realize “blog” was short for “web log” until the readings this week (thank you Jackson, Waine, & Hutchinson, 2015). Blogging is the topic du jour […]

Dabbling in Social Media

Has another week passed already? My family is off at hunting camp while I’m grinding away on school work. There might be a slight flicker of light off at the end of the tunnel, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the neighbors porch light about to go out. I’m learning doctoral studies are more a […]