Walleye Fishing, Chess, and Cornhole…Oh My!

Remember the pureness of sports? The reason you were probably drawn to participating and being a fan way back when? There was such a time…right? I think back to playing sports with all my friends all summer. We’d go to two-a-day basketball summer camps and hustle over to the local park just in time to […]

Calling all nerds!

Calling all nerds! Well, they’re not really all nerds, but this week at the Travel and Tourism Research Association’s Marketing Outlook Forum, it was a little bit of a nerd convention. I apologize in advance to my industry friends new and old who may take this as anything less than the compliment it was meant […]

Here’s to You Mr. Mitchell.

Last week, I was on the most turbulent flight I’ve ever experienced – and I fly a lot!  I’m not talking some minor bumps. The plane was rockin’ and rollin’ for nearly 45 minutes of the 90-minute flight. People were crying, pale-faced, and yes, even tossing their cookies.  As usual on a morning flight, I […]

Master(ing) Mindset

Do you ever have those experiences where it seems like mutually exclusive areas of your life collide? You know, where you’ve talked about something with someone and the same topic comes up again in a completely separate context (and I’m not talking about in your Facebook feed!)? Well that’s exactly what’s happened to me this […]

My Etiquette Fail – Or So I thought

Way back in April, I had the pleasure of attending an etiquette session led by Patricia Rossi at the NASC (now called SportsETA) Women’s Summit in Tampa. This was the second annual Women’s Summit held in conjunction with the NCAA Women’s Final Four basketball tournament. I wrote about my take-aways last year as well. Patricia […]

Achieving Success through Sports and Events Tourism

This week I’m sharing a blog I recently authored on behalf of the NASC for Civitas  (an organization that helps with development of special districts, such as tourism or business improvement districts) about the sports and event tourism industry’s “Whys” and “Hows”. The link to the original blog post is below. I love learning from […]

The Reading Habit

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I just love the nostalgia. Everything about it makes me recall my fondest childhood memories.This past year I read a biography on Thomas Jefferson. Looking back to our Founding Fathers, reading snippets of letters written between them, and understanding the immense pressure they were under really […]

Ripping the Refs

One of the reasons I got into sports as a career is my fascination about the behind the scenes aspects. As a fan, or a participant, you often show up, participate or watch, and hit the road. Maybe your team won, maybe your team lost, but the experience is what it’s all about. The sights, […]

Ba-Ba-Black Sheep Events

Our team spent the morning striping soccer fields for the Special Olympics Colorado Summer Games descending on Grand Junction this weekend. This event is hands-down my favorite event of the year. Seeing these incredible athletes, their determination, sportsmanship, and the sheer joy spread ear-to-ear on their faces is, as MasterCard says, “priceless”. It’s a true […]

“Collect Good People”

First of all, we are smack in the middle of JUCO week here in GJ and I want to thank you for making last week’s blog on the legacy of that event my most read blog, by far! My goal is to keep sharing knowledge, successes, and more importantly, failures, from which I hope we […]