Moving the Needle

Do you know what’s great about life? You live, and you learn! After ankle surgery, diving into rehabing, back to work, and the end of a school term made me fall off the blogging wagon for a few weeks. But, a few great friends have reminded me to get in gear. I’ve learned that (as […]

For the Love of Sports!

Happy post-Game 7 haze! Before we jump into this week’s musings, I did not forget about the challenge I threw out last week: develop a personal mission statement. I went back and did some digging to when I first started – and apparently never completed – this task. Lesson 1: If you start a personal […]

What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

Happy Wednesday from the other side of ankle reconstruction surgery. I’ve been pretty restricted on recovery activities to this point, which sounds like a holiday, but let me assure you, it is not. Especially with two littles running rampant! #TRUTH Needless to say, I’ve had a little time to think – which is a dangerous […]