The Engagement Overload

New thoughts for the new year. Is our passion for sports fading? Before you jump down my throat with a staunch “NO!”, hear me out. Just a bit of tech stuff. Photo: Gigaom In our technology-crazed era, it seems to be less and less about the actual thrill of competition, the unknown outcome (unless you […]

Restrictor Plate Removed

The front page headline of a recent Sports Business Journal read: “Sports’ biggest brand builders: Power players using sports to amplify their message”. Most of the issue was dedicated to the integration of sports and the corporate world. Not surprisingly, this theme is similar to most every other issue of SBJ. That statement is not a […]

Sports = Innovation

Remember those little crafts you used to make in elementary school where you’d glue little loops of construction paper together like pieces of a chain and tear them off day-by-day as a countdown toward something special like Christmas break or Field Day? Well, I haven’t resorted to that system of checking academic terms off my […]