Look into My Crystal Ball

This morning in Louisville, I walked to my favorite breakfast spot, Wild Eggs, enjoyed a tasty breakfast and an “everything muffin” and thought about my time here in Louisville. This community has done such an amazing job branding itself as Bourbon Country, and the “Urban Bourbon” scene. There is almost a palpable buzz. Especially for […]

The Elusive Stand-Up Triple

Holy smokes! Nearly a month has gone by and I looked up and realized I hadn’t posted. It wasn’t for the lack of intention, but thanks to all of you (no one) who asked, I am prompted to get the train back on the tracks. 🙂 This week’s topic is the often-elusive “triple bottom line” […]

The Bee I Keep Getting Stung By

Am I the only one that comes up with “great” ideas that I’m going to knock out lickity-split and relish in my “get it done” success? Oh man, I can start projects – for work or home – like nobody’s business. I’m a pro at that! Just last week, less than 12 hours after being […]