The So What of Sports

Let’s briefly talk about the “so what” of sports. What am I talking about you ask? Fair question. Let me explain. You see, I’m writing this post from the Kansas City airport on my way back to Colorado from a remarkable experience attending the WIN for KC Annual Women’s Sports Awards Celebration. I was invited […]

Finding the Value

Happy New Year! What a time to reflect on values of life. Many times we speak of the “value” of something…whether its the goods or services we purchase, or the value someone or something brings to our life. We strive to surround ourselves with individuals and experiences that add value to our lives. We do […]

For the Love of Sports!

Happy post-Game 7 haze! Before we jump into this week’s musings, I did not forget about the challenge I threw out last week: develop a personal mission statement. I went back and did some digging to when I first started – and apparently never completed – this task. Lesson 1: If you start a personal […]