“I believe the children are our future”

Does anyone remember those timeless lyrics from the late Whitney Houston? Maybe I’m dating myself a bit here, but I still do love that song, and frankly, any Whitney Houston song. “I believe the children are our future” the intro line to the song Greatest Love of All. Simple. True. Timeless. This song lyric transcends […]

Oh the Irony

Do you ever feel like two obscure things come together at highly ironic times? That’s how I feel about the assigned topic for this week and the top sports headlines in the media right now.   This week’s topic is brand reputation…the good, the bad and the ugly.   I attended a tourism conference last […]

The catchy alliteration drew you in…

I wonder, are you like me? Are you emerged in a world of information and messages changing so rapidly it easily makes your head spin? Are you showing up every day putting your best effort in for a cause or organization you are passionate about just hoping the ship is pointed in the right direction? […]