Adventure Story of Resiliency

I love living in Western Colorado.  Adventure abounds in every season, and we do our darndest as a family to take advantage of it, even in the midst of life’s craziness.   Whether we’re elk hunting, mountain biking, floating the Colorado River, fly fishing or hiking to the top of mountain peaks, I try to sear […]

Watch My Corn Pop Up In Rows

The morning after the Field of Dreams game got me thinking… I live out in the rural country of western Colorado, which is a far cry from my quintessential ‘burbs upbringing outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I always knew I was a country girl at heart – drawn to running around barefoot, playing in any open […]

Glory Days: Discussing Youth Sports

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Sandlot. A classic tale of neighborhood kids, summer shenanigans, and life lessons learned from baseball. While the era of childhood has changed in many ways since the days of Benny, Smalls, Squints and Yeah Yeah, kids are still…well, kids. Looking back on my own childhood, when it […]