Walleye Fishing, Chess, and Cornhole…Oh My!

Remember the pureness of sports? The reason you were probably drawn to participating and being a fan way back when? There was such a time…right? I think back to playing sports with all my friends all summer. We’d go to two-a-day basketball summer camps and hustle over to the local park just in time to […]

Lessons from the River

Quite a few years ago I got a cheapy fly fishing rod. Stan and I went out a couple of times while our kids were younger, but carving the time was always tough. This year my son – the ultimate outdoorsman – had an interest in taking up fly fishing. He and I signed up […]

Adventure Story of Resiliency

I love living in Western Colorado.  Adventure abounds in every season, and we do our darndest as a family to take advantage of it, even in the midst of life’s craziness.   Whether we’re elk hunting, mountain biking, floating the Colorado River, fly fishing or hiking to the top of mountain peaks, I try to sear […]

2,200-Miles Lesson Learned

Last night my family and I returned home from a 6-day, 2200-mile road trip spurred by heading to southeast Kansas to spend Easter with my husband’s aging grandparents. We looked at flights to better accommodate out-and-back into our schedules, but like many people right now, the price of airfare for a family of four pushed […]

Calling all nerds!

Calling all nerds! Well, they’re not really all nerds, but this week at the Travel and Tourism Research Association’s Marketing Outlook Forum, it was a little bit of a nerd convention. I apologize in advance to my industry friends new and old who may take this as anything less than the compliment it was meant […]

Looking Back on the UNWTO World Sports Tourism Congress 2021

It seems we were pretty lucky. Now with Omicron in full-force around the globe, me and my family were able to travel to Europe for a 2-week adventure of a lifetime, and return safely home, before the onset of this next variant. Here at the start of a new year, it has me asking myself, […]

Here’s to You Mr. Mitchell.

Last week, I was on the most turbulent flight I’ve ever experienced – and I fly a lot!  I’m not talking some minor bumps. The plane was rockin’ and rollin’ for nearly 45 minutes of the 90-minute flight. People were crying, pale-faced, and yes, even tossing their cookies.  As usual on a morning flight, I […]

Watch My Corn Pop Up In Rows

The morning after the Field of Dreams game got me thinking… I live out in the rural country of western Colorado, which is a far cry from my quintessential ‘burbs upbringing outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I always knew I was a country girl at heart – drawn to running around barefoot, playing in any open […]

Ode to Otis

I love the song “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. No, not because Maverick’s mom loved it in Top Gun. Because there is something about the sound, the simplicity, the smoothness of the song that speaks to my soul.   https://youtu.be/y_tOx4dN-hI   Otis wrote that masterpiece while staying on a houseboat in the […]

Your Winter Wonderland of Artificial Intelligence

  It’s that time of year…listening to Christmas music all day, relishing Bing Crosby and skipping Josh Groban. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Winter Wonderland” (Written by Richard Smith and set to music by Felix Bernard). I especially love the Martina McBride version, because duh, Martina! The second verse in the song says, […]