Glory Days: Discussing Youth Sports

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Sandlot. A classic tale of neighborhood kids, summer shenanigans, and life lessons learned from baseball. While the era of childhood has changed in many ways since the days of Benny, Smalls, Squints and Yeah Yeah, kids are still…well, kids. Looking back on my own childhood, when it […]

What’s that floating around in your mind?

Have you ever heard that old maxim “What you think upon grows”? Is that really true? In that case, I’m surprised my pile of homework isn’t busting out of my house. What I picture when my homework grows It’s long been noted that many successful athletes at the top of their game use visualization tactics […]

Finding the Value

Happy New Year! What a time to reflect on values of life. Many times we speak of the “value” of something…whether its the goods or services we purchase, or the value someone or something brings to our life. We strive to surround ourselves with individuals and experiences that add value to our lives. We do […]